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seo packages

Drive Revenue, Get Growth with Affordable SEO Packages in India

Get goal-oriented performances with a human-friendly approach and high-end SEO packages with search engine-friendly strategies that drive organic growth.

Bring Growth, Bring Visibility With Affordable SEO Plans in India

In the fast-paced digital landscape, being a business online is an asset, not a liability. It's a necessity and a need for hours. Search Engine Optimization plays an integral role in ranking and visibility of your website. A higher rating is proportionate to confidence and reliability, whether with search engines or potential customers. It's critical that your website has a strong and prominent foothold and a high ranking when users turn to search engines for information or to find the services you offer so that they can easily find you.

Every organisation is different, and the modern digital environment requires a bespoke approach that fits each company's unique requirements. Small firms have their own distinctive traits, while enterprise-grade businesses have their own separate sets of benefits and drawbacks, as well as varied requirements. Affordable SEO solutions in Jaipur are created to meet your business goalposts through awareness of all the details and nuances of your company. Regardless of the size or scope of your organisation, we offer specialised services that improve visibility and deliver higher profits.

Platina Web Solutions caters to customers through top-notch services and Affordable SEO Plans in Jaipur. We help your business scale to the forefront of major search engines, whether it's Google, Bing, or others. To enhance visibility and improve SERP rankings, our team of professionals complies with the latest trends, algorithms, and techniques and helps to push your business towards its goal.

seo packages

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What makes SEO so important to business in India

"It's not what you sell that matters as much as how you sell it!". Brian Halligan, CEO and Co-founder of Hubspot, spotted the right quote. It doesn't matter what you sell; what matters is how you sell it. The marketing landscape is continually changing as a result of technological advances and rising trends. To keep themselves competitive, brands, particularly those addressing consumers, must vary. In the digital age, tech-savvy consumers conduct internet research before making a purchase, prompting firms to constantly modify their strategy. You need to hook the customers and pitch them where they are most available.

Unlike our ecosystem, online ecosystems have biotic as well as abiotic (organic and non-organic) creators of marketing. In the competitive market where organic spans around 3-6 months to boost your online sales, non-organic marketing or paid marketing generates traffic within a shorter time span. Whether you are looking for affordable SEO packages in Jaipur or looking for ways to improve your business, Platina Web Solutions has your back.

Platina Web Solutions uses a top-tier combination of strategies and methodologies to bring visibility and traffic to your business. With every changing and evolving marketing trend and algorithm update, launching your business has become a concrete foundation. We help businesses and brands to understand the different areas of growth and help improve and stay on track. We leverage our expertise and collaborate with brands to adapt to consumer behaviors and patterns to give them a better and more delightful user experience. We use data-driven strategies and harness insights to curate a result-oriented approach that enhances your rankings and generates higher ROI.

At Platina Websolutions, we provide complete SEO Packages in India curated to elevate your small business and enterprise-level SEO strategies while meticulously aligned with your business objectives. Our SEO services offer a wide range of technical, on-page, off-page, and advanced technological optimizations.

Our skilled professionals are devoted to augmenting the performance of your website, effectively bridging the gap between your online presence and your target clients. Our diligent approach begins with a thorough audit, analyzing and investigating the complexities that may be limiting the functionality of your website. Following that, we conduct extensive keyword research, analysis, and optimization to catapult your website towards organic SEO success.

With our precisely crafted SEO Packages in India, you may accelerate your growth trajectory and see results sooner than you think. Furthermore, our experienced and knowledgeable team can help you scale and double your commercial endeavors.

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Seo Packages

SEO Packages







Keywords Plan Upto 6 Upto 12 Upto 20
Additional Keywords 1000/per keyword 1000/per keyword 500/per keyword
Target Local SERP + Google Map Local SERP + Google Map Local SERP + Google Map
Best Suited For Business with 1 location Business with 2 locations Business with more than 5 locations
Expected Results Rankings on Google Map + More Conversion (Calls + Leads) Rankings on Google Map + More Conversion (Calls + Leads) Rankings on Google Map + More Conversion (Calls + Leads)
Keywords Type Localized Localized Localized
Guarantee Conversion*** NA 2X to 3X 3X to 4X

In-Depth Site Analysis
Duplicate Content Check
Competition Analysis
GBP Audit
Keyword Analysis
Baseline Ranking Check
Keyword URL Mapping
Broken Links Check
Google Penalty Check

Number of Locations Covered 1 Upto 2 Upto 3
Header (H1) Tags Optimization
Internal Link Structuring & Optimization 5 Pages 10 Pages 15 Pages
Image ALT Tag Optimization
Robots.Txt Creation/Analysis
Title & Meta Tags Optimization 5 Pages 10 Pages 15 Pages
Existing Web Content Optimization
Fresh Web Content Suggestions^ (Writing charges extra)
Geo Targeting (via Code)
Address add to current website page[s] (if applicable)
XML Sitemap Creation/Analysis
KML Sitemap
Desktop Page Speed Optimization****
GA4/GTM Setup (if not setup)
GA4/GTM Conversion Setup
Google Search Console Setup (If not setup)
Call Tracking
Schema Implementation for Logo Reviews
Location Based Page Analysis

Google Business Profile Setup & Verification
GBP Optimization
GBP Image upload and Optimization (If Provided)
Bing Local Listing Setup
Customer Reviews/Ratings
NAP Syndication
Report Duplicate Listing
GBP Link Syndication
GBP Image upload and Optimization (If Provided)

Article Writing 1 1 2
Blog Writing 2 2 3
Guest Blog Writing 1 2
Classified Writing 2 3 3

Article Submission 1 1 2
Blog Submission 2 2 3
Content Syndication
Guest Blog Submission 1 2
Classified Submissions
Google Map Embeds
Search Engine Submission 5 8 10
Guest Blog Promotion 5 10
Q & A
Link Syndication
Profile Listing
Competitor Link Analysis & Creation
Business Listings / Local Citations
GBP Link Syndication
GBP Timeline Posting

Search Engine Rank Report
GBP Rank Report
SEO Activity Reports
Google Analytics Report
Google Business Profile(GBP)Insights Report

Email, Chat, Phone
Project Management Tool Tracking

*Page Speed depends on website theme and platform | ** Setup suggestion will be shared with client for implementation | *** Additional Costing Required | **** Client needs to provide videos

Value-Oriented SEO Packages in India That Drives Growth

Local SEO Packages Approximately 93 percent of consumers search for local businesses online, and there are about 88 percent of SEO local mobile search engines. Uplift your search engine optimization efforts and connect with your brand that focuses on high-intent customers in your area. At Platina Web Solutions, we study localized markets and drive conversion-led SEO Packages in India to ensure your business ranks higher and search queries bring value. Our services include page optimization, guest blog outreach, and keyword and technical optimization. Parallely, we can create or optimize listings of Google Business Profile, Yelp listing, Bing Local, and more.

Basic SEO Packages in India Every organization strives for a prominent position in search results relevant to its specialization in the domain of visual online presence. A lackluster ranking can dramatically reduce the likelihood of potential clients finding their website. Our Basic SEO service is meant to expedite the optimization of your company's website, resulting in improved search results. Our basic plans undertake website audit and analysis, on-page SEO optimization, keyword research, keyword optimization, Google analytics setup, monthly reporting, and more. Our geeks can help you curate the best SEO packages in Jaipur that cater to your business effectively.

ECommerce SEO Packages in India With 5 billion daily searches and 49% of people using Google to find things, ecommerce success is dependent on Google rankings. Platina Websolution, pioneer in eCommerce SEO, provides a particular advantage. We find winning techniques by leveraging significant SEO data from a wide client base. Our process begins with a website study, which identifies flaws in your present strategy. We then use tried-and-true methods to improve your site, ensuring top ranks for critical keywords on anything from category pages to particular products and pushing your organic visitor development.

Enterprise SEO Packages in India Multinational corporations or large-scale enterprises need a pinnacle of online success. To shine in the digital realm and stay ahead, our comprehensive SEO solutions are customized to meet the needs of your business's exponential growth and solidify your dominance. From advanced keyword research and comprehensive on-page optimization to gaining global SEO supremacy, we build strategies that cater to your business objectives. With our proven industry expertise and custom tailor strategies, we under unique complexities and impeccably design solutions to promote your business to stand ahead.

SEO is your digital property and can improve overall searchability and visibility. Regardless of industry size or business, SEO is a booster to take your brand to the next level. Vanguard, your business, future-proof your business, get help from Platina Web solutions, SEO Plans in Jaipur.


Starts at : ₹4999*/-

  • Target: Google Maps
  • Best Suited For: Local / Niche Businesses
  • Keywords are generally: Long Tail / City / Town Specific
  • Covers: SEO Related Technical Audits + On Page + Off Page + Content Syndication + Local Listings
  • What to expect: Better Rankings on Google Maps + More Calls / Enquiries
  • Improvements Expected: From 1 month onwards


Starts at : ₹7999*/-

  • Target: Organic Search Results
  • Best Suited For: Business that targets Nation Wide or with Audience
  • Keywords are generally: Competitive, Mid Competitive & Low Competitive Keywords
  • Covers: SEO Related Technical Audits + On Page + Off Page + Content Syndication
  • What to expect: Better Rankings + More, Calls + Enquiries
  • Improvements Expected: From 2 month onwards


Starts at : ₹5999*/-

  • Target: Organic Search Results +
    Product Listings
  • Best Suited For: Business that sells Products / Services
  • Keywords are generally: Product Centric + Category, Oriented Keywords
  • Covers: SEO Related Technical Audits + On Page + Off Page + Content Syndication + Product Listings
  • What to expect: Better Rankings + More Sales
  • Improvements Expected: From 2 month onwards

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seo packages



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We're proud to say that most of our new business comes from referrals. Our clients are our partners, and forming long-lasting relationships is always our goal.

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