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Software For School Management

An Interactive and Engaging Solution for School Management Software

There is a full answer for schools called school management software that focuses on what the schools need and what makes their daily tasks hard. It has developed its unique processing methods by studying how schools work, making it a very useful tool for the educational field. It's not just a normal ERP; it's a full set of easy-to-use IT services for a school.

School Management Software Development Company in India, Platina Web Solutions sells software to run the whole school, from planning events and tests. We also have a tool that parents, kids, and teachers can all use to connect and share online reports of what happens in class daily. Our answer meets all of your needs and wants perfectly.

The school management software has many benefits, such as making it easy to view papers and overseeing the whole school system. The most important things about good school management system software are that it can handle the admissions process, Better homework, a schedule of schedules, Help with both English and Hindi, Help with transportation, manage fees, run a library, and keep track of test results.

Our school management software has the following features:

Student’s information—we keep track of a student's data, such as attendance, homework, behavior, grade, etc., so that teachers and the school's governing body can easily find it when needed. The basic database also has names, contacts, locations, parent information, medical background, and much more.

Parent’s portal—to help parents learn about their child's school events, send meeting and yearly report notices, and connect parents with teachers.

Assessments and homework—it's easy for teachers to make different test papers to stop students from cheating.

Report cards—our dynamic database makes it easy for the officials to make the yearly report for the school year. With our school management system software, parents and students can easily get their kids' report cards, which can help them do better in school.

Tracking of fees and online payments—our system can also handle student records and fee payments. Making free books and documents with the program is very easy and handy.

There are a lot of skilled, well-trained workers at School Management Software Development Services in India who are much focused, committed, and experienced. For school organizations, we offer safe and user-friendly options. Platina Web Solutions is the best School Management Software Development Company in Jaipur that makes school management system software, which makes running your school or educational institution easy. We understand how hard things are for you, so our solutions are here to make things easier.

Our Services for School Management Software in Jaipur


Making custom apps for schools

Platina Web Solutions is a business that makes software for school management. They have much experience creating unique solutions for schools that meet their needs.

Making changes to current processes

It might make more sense to buy school software and make it work better for your needs. Platina Web Solutions can customize any school management software, from an ERP or CRM to a shared interaction platform.

Integrations for programs that run schools

If you need to connect your school system to outside services, help move data to and from the cloud, handle APIs, or do anything else, Platina Web Solutions can help you improve your school management software.

Bringing school control tools up to date

As new technologies come out and give service providers new options, you must ensure that your school software is always up to date with market needs and industry trends.

Our Process for Making School Management Software

Find Out

Getting and analyzing the needs, along with general project information, is the most important part of making school management system software.

UI and UX Design

Since kids, parents, and school staff will all be using the school management system, the interface needs to look good and be easy to use.


Proof of concept (POC) is an important part of development because it lets you look at the project's goals again and improve them if necessary.

Growth and Development

The most important and fun part of customizing school management software is the development. We deliver on time, on budget, fully open, and with the newest technology that fits exactly.

QA Security for quality

Since we're making services for teachers, parents, and their kids, any bugs are not okay. That's why we carefully test our solutions to ensure they're good.

Support and Maintenance

Your school software helps kids, teachers, and parents, and we keep up with your solutions 24 hours a day, seven days a week, based on our support levels.

Why should you work with Platina Web Solutions?

Simple to Use

Our School Management software is made to work naturally, so you don't need to know anything about computers to use it. This means you'll spend less time teaching.

Saving time

All jobs are taken care of immediately, saving teachers and office workers time. It helps the staff do their jobs better.


All institutions, no matter how much money they have, should be able to get the best software option.

Help for Customers

Our customer service team is here to answer any questions about software options. We also got the highest marks for customer satisfaction.

Upgrades for free

There's no need to pay extra to keep the program current. To stay current, we offer free updates to the core features.

Use at Any School

Schools, colleges, universities, training centers, and other places that need to keep track of their kids and teachers can use school management software.

Looking for a reliable School Management Software Development Services in Jaipur to execute your ideas? Look no further. Send us your request to connect you with our development team for a confident project start.

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We're proud to say that most of our new business comes from referrals. Our clients are our partners, and forming long-lasting relationships is always our goal.

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